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Pick 6 numbers (1-49)

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About Polish Lotto

Polish Lotto Online

You’re betting on the outcome of the 波兰乐透 draw.


Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - all at 21:40 Local Time (Poland)


Local tax regulations may apply in your country of residence. See Terms and Conditions .

Polish Lotto has an opening jackpot of 2zł million (Polish Zloty) and uncapped rollovers - making it one of the most popular lottery games in central Europe and the largest lottery played in Poland!

Place your bets on Polish Lotto with and you’ll be in with a chance to nab one of our smashing pay-outs!

Your Numbers

It takes one easy step to bet on Polish Lotto!

  1. Pick six Main Numbers between 1 - 49
Match all six Main Numbers together and you could be scooting off with the same amount as the actual Polish Lotto jackpot winner. Yay!

The History of Polish Lotto

  • 1956: Polish Lotto was launched. 🚀
  • 2012: An extra draw was born - Polish Lotto Plus - where your numbers can be staked on an extra draw which has a sizzling jackpot of 1zł million!
  • 2016: The biggest Polish Lotto jackpot was won! A whopping zł 57.8 million.

The Draw You're Betting On

The six lucky numbers are revealed by the drum machine in Poland three times a week with the Lotto Plus Draw happening straight after.

And that’s right! Three draws a week means that rollovers happen faster than ever before! They’re spoiling us.

There are 4 prize divisions with set minimum winnings every time!

Odds & Prizes

Head on over to our Odds & Prizes page to see what you could win and check out all the odds! 📜

To see all our Draw Rules tap here. 👈🏽


You know us, we like to keep it simple. Opt to subscribe to your Polish Lotto bet with and your numbers will never miss a prize if they come up!

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