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  • 我怎么知道这是一个安全的网站? is operated by the Annexio Group of Companies with headquarters in the Isle of Man, British Isles.

    Our licences can be verified on the websites linked below:

    Annexio (Jersey) Limited is licensed and regulated by the Jersey Gambling Commission under license number RG0-005-18, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Irish Revenue (Reference number 1012499).

    Annexio Limited is licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission under a licence issued under the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001 on 14th October 2016.

    Our regulators look at all elements of our business, including:

    • 1. Having strict oversight of all aspects of our business to ensure we’re acting responsibly and putting the interests of our customers first.
    • 2. Reviewing our policies and procedures to make sure we adhere to the highest standards of player protection, data security, disaster recovery and anti-money laundering checks.
    • 3. Ensuring our directors and key personnel are suitably qualified to run a company like ours, which includes rigorous interviews and background checks.

    We’re proud to be a fully-licensed gaming company and, as such, a commitment to providing our players with an enjoyable and secure lottery experience is at the heart of everything we do.
  • 我收到了一份邮件,我怎么知道那一定是您发来的?



    o假电子邮件通常要求您以机密信息回复邮件。 o它们可能包括附件,打开时可能会损坏您的设备或个人文件。 o他们经常有一般的问候语,可能会错误地输入您的个人信息。 o假电子邮件通常包含无法识别的网站链接或发件人地址。

    作为一般规则,除非您绝对确定发件人的身份,否则绝不会在电子邮件中发送信用卡信息,帐户密码或广泛的个人信息。世界彩票俱乐部永远不会通过电子邮件向您询问敏感信息。 如果您对我们收到的或似乎来自我们的任何电子邮件有疑问或怀疑,请立即使用即时聊天功能或通过电子邮件[email protected] 与我们的会员支持小组联系。
  • 我的信息安全吗?

  • 我在哪里查看隐私条款?