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  • 什么是彩票投注?

    Choosing your lucky numbers works in much the same way as playing a traditional lottery.

    Unlike a traditional lottery, when you choose your numbers with LottoGo you are placing a bet on the outcome of your chosen game. If the numbers on your bet match those drawn, you win a pay-out from us. Simple!

    Each win is equal to the cash option offered by the official lottery you’ve bet on, from small prizes to enormous rollovers going into hundreds of millions.*

    Please note, for UK customers: When you confirm your numbers for EuroMillions, EuroMillions MAX, or Lotto MAX, we'll purchase an official ticket/syndicate entry for the draw on your behalf.

    *Exclusions apply to winnings from bets placed on 6aus49 and Swedish Lotto, which are subject to a LottoGo jackpot tier 1 cap of £10 million GBP.
  • 我想参加订购?

  • 我想管理和取消订购?

    You can cancel a subscription at any time in your My Bets & Tickets area, which can also be accessed by tapping 'Manage Subscriptions' from your main Account menu. Please be sure to use the 'Jackpots' or 'Syndicates' tabs in this area, depending on which kind of game you went for.

    Each subscribed bet/ticket must be managed by individual lottery.

    To unsubscribe:

    1. Tick the box next to each bet/ticket you'd like to unsubscribe from. E.g. if you have 2 subscribed bets on Mega Millions and would only like to cancel 1 of them, simply tick the box next to that 1 specific bet.

    2. Once you’ve ticked the box(es) of your choice, just tap ‘Cancel Selected’.

    3. A pop-up will display, and you will be asked to confirm your decision to unsubscribe.

    4. You'll be asked why you're unsubscribing. To proceed, you must select an option that best matches your reason.

    5. After selecting your reason, you'll see some final bits of information. To complete your cancellation, tap ‘I understand and want to cancel’.

    6. You'll then be redirected back to your My Bets & Tickets area, where you’ll see confirmation of your cancellation at the top.

    Don't forget that by unsubscribing, your numbers will not be valid for future draws on a continuous basis, which means that if those numbers come up, you will miss out.

    If you’re having difficulty managing or cancelling a subscription online, please contact our Member Support Team using the Live Chat feature on the site.
  • 您公司如何能够支付如此高额的奖金?

    Lottery betting differs from traditional lotteries, in which the prize pool is created by the sale of tickets. Winnings from LottoGo are funded through a combination of purchasing official lottery tickets and insurance.

    All winnings are paid so that they are equal to the cash option of each national lottery’s winnings, with any applicable taxes deducted prior to pay-out.*

    Our EuroMillions prizes are funded through purchasing official EuroMillions lottery tickets alone.

    *Exclusions apply to winnings from bets placed on 6aus49 and Swedish Lotto, which are subject to a LottoGo jackpot tier 1 cap of £10 million GBP.
  • 我想参加美国乐透,但是我不住在美国?

    世界彩票俱乐部让您有机会参与全球各地的游戏。当你在彩票的结果上投下赌注时,你不必在美国生活,就有机会击中";强力球" Powerball和";百万百万" Mega Millions奖金。
  • 什么是超级大头奖?

    在LottoGo,我们想给您最丰盛和最好的奖品。这就是为什么我们推出超级大头奖 - 官方大奖的基础上倍增!


    作为彩票投注提供商,超级大奖是世界彩票俱乐部提供的众多优势之一。与传统彩票不同,我们不受我们的游戏基础的官方累积奖金的限制 - 这意味着我们可以自由地增加累积奖金并支付更大的奖金。

    解释它的一个简单的方法是与许多其他形式的博彩平行,你可以选择一个结果,如果你击败了赔率,那么这个奖金是由";房子",一个赌场或者一个彩票机构者支付的, 例如。在超级大奖的情况下,世界彩票俱乐部是";房子",我们设定了支付。

    而且,就像平常的大头奖一样,超级大头奖也会累计滚动,你将可能因此赢得甚至比开始还要大的超级大奖金。 所以如果你发现你的大奖比官方大奖要高出几倍,也不要惊讶,这就是超级大头奖! 任何增强的奖金的条款应受";玩家条款和条件"第9.2条所规定的扣除。
  • 谁是经营者?

    LottoGo is a brand of Annexio Limited, a leading provider of secondary lottery and lottery betting services. We’re licensed and regulated by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, and licensed by the Irish Revenue.
  • 我如何知道我时候赢得奖金?

  • 我能取消我的订购并继续在其他的游戏上下注吗?