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  • Apple Pay & Google Pay

    What are the benefits of using Apple Pay / Google Pay?

    • Fast – Deposits are instant!
    • Secure – Neither Apple Pay nor Google Pay reveal your actual payment details.
    • No Extra Charges – You won’t incur any extra costs for using these payment methods.

    Can I use Apple Pay / Google Pay on my device?

    The availability of Apple Pay / Google Pay depends your location and required currency.

    To use Apple Pay, you must have a compatible device operating on iOS 8.1 (or above), set up with a bank card provisioned in your Apple Wallet.

    To use Google Pay, you must have a compatible device operating on Android 4.4 (or above), with Google Play Services version 11.4.x (or above) installed.

    Please note: The name you’ve got registered with Apple Pay / Google Pay must match the name registered on your LottoGo account.

    How do I add funds using Apple Pay / Google Pay?

    To add funds to your LottoGo account:

    1. Head over to your ‘Add Funds’ section.
    2. From the payment methods listed, select either ‘Apple Pay’ / ‘Google Pay’.
    3. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit, and choose the debit / credit card you want to use from your digital wallet.
    4. After confirming your payment using Touch ID / device passcode, the amount will be instantly deposited into your LottoGo account. Easy as peas!

    You can find more instructions on how to set up Apple Pay / Google Pay by popping over to the official websites: