Vanliga frågor

  • Hur kvalificerar jag mig till LottoGos VIP-program?

    Our VIP programme works on a monthly upgrade and downgrade basis. Each player’s entry into the VIP programme is based on the bets they place with us. Focusing on actual stakes, we then apply a theoretical win percentage to these transactions.

    Customers who reach or exceed these levels set by us are then personally invited into the scheme. In the first instance, qualifying customers will receive an email informing them of their eligibility.

    If you have any questions about your VIP level or anything else related to the programme, please contact [email protected].
  • Vad får jag för att vara VIP?

    As a LottoGo VIP, you’ll gain access to a smashing mix of personalised offers! What’s more, we’ll also send you regular offers and exclusive treats through email, SMS, on-site messages, and more. So, make sure that all your marketing preferences are up to date!

    A selection of the offers available on each level of the VIP programme can be seen in the table below.

    Free Spins
    Slot Prize Draws
    Scratchcard Prize Draws
    Stake Race
    Multi-Bet Jackpot Offers
    Loss Back
    Quarterly Prize Draw
    Account Manager
  • Vad innebär VIP gratis-snurr?

    Our qualifying VIPs get 5 free spins every Thursday and Sunday. These can be claimed within the VIP area of the website, which is activated upon a player’s invitation to the programme.
  • Vad innebär vinstdragningar för Spelautomater och Skraplotter?

    For every £5 (or currency equivalent) staked on the specified slot games or scratchcards during the promotional period, VIPs will each receive one prize draw entry. At the end of the promotional period, the entries are compiled, with the winning players drawn at random and their LottoGo accounts credited. The lucky winners will be notified by a member of our VIP team.
  • Vad är ett Insats-Race?

    To participate in a Stake Race, players must stake on the advertised game(s) during the each defined promotional period. To improve their position on the Stake Race leaderboard, a player must increase their amount wagered to surpass the amounts wagered by the other participants!

    The more funds wagered during the Stake Race, the greater the chance of winning a share of the prize pool.
  • Vad är Multi-Insats och multi Vecko-Jackpotterbjudanden?

    Multi-Bet Jackpot Offers
    Our VIPs are able to place specially-discounted lottery bets as part of the VIP programme. These offers rotate on a regular basis and across different jackpots.

    Multi-Week Jackpot Offers
    Similar to Multi-Bet Jackpot offers, our Multi-Week offers enable our VIPs to take advantage of great discounts when placing lottery bets that run continuously for either 26, 52, or 104 draws. These offers rotate on a regular basis and across different jackpots.
  • Vad innebär ”Förlust Tillbaka”?

    Our Premium & Elite VIPs customers get a percentage of any losses accrued over the Loss Back promotional period.

    For the purposes of the Loss Back promotion, losses are defined as (stakes minus wins). When the stakes minus wins figure has been calculated, the percentage of Loss Back will be credited back to each VIP’s LottoGo player account. Any Loss Back is credited to a qualifying player’s account within 72 hours of the promotion’s end date.

    The percentage of loss back awarded is 10% for Elite players, and 5% for Premium players.

    An example of how Loss Back works is shown in the table below:

    Losers Winners
    Stakes £1,000 £1,000
    Wins £750 £1,110
    Total P/L -£250 £100
    Elite Loss Back (10%) £25 £0
    Premium Loss Back (5%) £12.50 £0

    NB: Only Premium and Elite players are eligible to receive Loss back.
  • Vad innebär Kvartalspriset?

    Elite customers only are entered into a quarterly prize draw, based on loyalty and/or promotion mechanics. All Elite players who have 45 or more play days in each 90-day period will be entered into the draw to win cash prizes, exclusive giveaways, or invitations to special events!
  • Kommer jag att få en Kontoansvarig kontakt?

    Personal Account Managers are assigned to Elite customers only. If you have any questions about your VIP level or anything else related to the programme, please contact [email protected].