Политика ответственного подхода к азартным играм

  1. Annexio Limited (“we” or “us” or “our”) maintains a strong commitment to provide players with a responsible gambling environment. Although gambling should be enjoyed as a recreational activity, it can nevertheless also cause a problem for a minority of players. We aim to prevent compulsive usage and underage access to our games while simultaneously providing a friendly and entertaining gambling experience for players. As a responsible gambling operator, the well-being of our players is of utmost importance.

    Gambling should be fun, and you should never gamble more than you can afford to. We take player protection very seriously. LottoGo may need to check that your levels of spending with us are within your means. We may ask you to explain how you fund your gambling with us and we may request an affordability check. You may be asked to provide evidence of earning or other documents verifying a reliable source of income or wealth.
    We are required by regulations to take steps to help ensure that gambling is fair and open, is not linked to crime, and does not lead to harm. Part of this includes collecting customer information to allow verification of your source of funds. We do this to establish that you have sufficient funds to support your gambling activity with us.
    If you are asked for information around affordability, please provide as much evidence as possible to show that you have sufficient funds to support your gambling activity. This will help limit any further requests from us, and any further delays for you. While we need to be comfortable that you can afford your most recent losses, we also need to understand how you intend to fund your account moving forward.

  2. Мы предлагаем на вебсайте различные средства и инструменты защиты игроков, чтобы помогать им согласно необходимости. В число таких средств и инструментов входят:

    1. Функция напоминания, позволяющая игрокам установить таймер на 1 час, 2 часа, 3 часа, 4 часа или 6 часов для напоминания о времени, прошедшем с момента их входа в аккаунт;
    2. Функция ограничения вносимой суммы, которая позволяет вам установить вашу максимальную сумму зачисляемых средств за 1 или 7 или 30 дней;
    3. Функция «Таймаут», которая позволяет вам приостановить использование наших услуг на 24 часа, 1 неделю, 1 месяц или 6 недель, а также
    4. Функция «самоисключение», которая позволяет игрокам заблокировать для себя доступ к нашим услугам на 6 месяцев, 1 год, 2 года, 5 лет или навсегда.
    5. Чтобы заблокировать для себя доступ ко всем лицензированным в Великобритании компаниям, предлагающим онлайновые азартные игры, перейдите на сайт www.gamstop.co.uk.

  3. We strongly encourage you to consider the following in order to keep gambling activities in control:

    1. gambling should not be seen as a way of making money or paying debts. It should be a form of entertainment;
    2. you should familiarise yourself with the Game Rules;
    3. you should only gamble the amount that you can afford to lose;
    4. you should not try to chase losses;
    5. you should not gamble when you are upset or depressed;
    6. you should keep track of the amount of money and time you have spent gambling.

  4. We are aware that occasionally gambling might develop into a problem for some of our players. We therefore encourage you to consider professional support and assistance from any of these organisations if you suspect that you might have a gambling problem:

    1. http://www.gamcare.org.uk (Helpline number: 0808 8020 133 (UK))
    2. http://www.gamblingtherapy.org
    3. http://www.gambleaware.co.uk

    It is paramount that you recognise if gambling may be negatively affecting your live as early as possible, so that preventative measures can be put in place and further support and assistance can be obtained.

  5. You must be at least 18 years of age (or the legal minimum age in your country of residence) to access our website. You are not allowed to access our services if you are less than 18 years of age.

  6. We aim to prevent underage access to our services, and have implemented functionality within our registration process which makes use of verification systems at the point of registration to verify the age of potential players. We also recommend in the case where adults share computers with minors, that they consider installing Net Nanny™ (freeware) or the Parental Control Bar™ on their computers.

  7. If you have any further queries about our Responsible Gambling Policy, please contact our Member Support team at [email protected].

  8. Locking a withdrawal: You have the option to restrict yourself from cancelling your withdrawals once they have been requested. Should you wish to utilise the lock function on a pending withdrawal, please do so in the Deposit Area of your My Account section. If you activate this feature, you will disable your ability to cancel the pending withdrawal(s) on your account and we will not cancel your withdrawals at your request. This restriction is permanent and it will not be possible to restore your ability to cancel your withdrawal(s) once you have activated it.

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