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О лотерее UK Lotto

You’re betting on the outcome of the UK Lotto draw.

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Розыгрыш по датам:
Wednesday at 20:30 and Saturday at 19:45 – both GMT/BST

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Local tax regulations may apply in your country of residence.

Since 1994, UK Lotto has been the firm favourite lotto across the United Kingdom and Isle of Man – and we know why.

With a whopping £22 million jackpot cap, UK Lotto is a serious dream maker. Just think - what could you get up to with an amount like that?!

Place your bets on UK Lotto with and you’ll be in with a chance to win one of our bangin’ pay-outs!


Betting on UK Lotto is almost too easy!
  1. Pick six numbers between 1 – 59
Match all six numbers together and you'll be scooting off with the same amount as the actual UK Lotto jackpot winner - it’s as simple as that


  • 1994: ‘The National Lottery’ launched for Saturday draws only! 🚀
  • 1997: Being maaaadly popular, a Wednesday draw was added. 😎
  • 2002: The National Lottery changed its name to Lotto! ✔
  • 2011: UK Lotto’s rollover limit was upped! Going from three draws to four meant that even bigger prizes were on offer! 💪
  • 2013: UK Lotto had a makeover💅:
    • Offering even BIGGER jackpots
    • Boosting the 5th division (match three numbers) prize from £10 to £25
    • Upping ticket prices from £1 to £2
  • 2015: UK Lotto had another bunch of awesome changes💅:
    • Revoking the rollover limit of four
    • Growing the ball pool from 49 to 59
  • 2016: UK Lotto’s jackpot was capped at a right staggering £22 million! 🤑
  • 2018: On 21st November, UK Lotto will be having yet another revamp 💅:
    • To offer fixed prizes for every single prize division!
    • To open the jackpot at £3.8 million on a Saturday and £2 million on a Wednesday!
    • To offer five rollovers before a jackpot must be won! When five rollovers are reached, the jackpot will be shared between the other winning divisions!


For every draw, UK Lotto has a spread of fancy drum machines and balls to make sure that all the sherbangs going on at UK Lotto HQ are fair, equal and random!

The exact machines and balls are chosen from sealed envelopes by independent adjudicators before each draw. Fancy.


Head on over to our Odds and Prizes page to see what our bangin’ pay-outs are based on and check out all the odds! 📜


You know us, we like to keep it simple, we do. Opt to subscribe to UK Lotto with and you’ll never miss another draw!

Результаты UK Lotto

Результаты UK Lotto