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Pick 5 numery (1-69) + 1 Power Ball (1-26)

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About Powerball


Obstawiasz wynik loterii Powerball.


Termin losowania:
Wednesday and Saturday, 22:59 Local Time (Florida)

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Wygrane Jackpot i Tier 2-3 będą niższe niż reklamowane, aby dopasować się do rzeczywistych wypłat gotówkowych po wszystkich odpowiednich potrąceniach, w tym podatkach. Zobacz Warunki.

Go supersize with LottoGo’s Powerball Jackpot Guarantee! 🐋

Powerball has an uncapped jackpot starting from a colossal $20m! However, as a lottery betting provider, we’re able to boost our jackpot amounts! With our Powerball Jackpot Guarantee, LottoGo members get the chance to win even more than they'd win had they been playing the official game.

If, when converted from USD, the official Powerball jackpot is:
  • £100m or more: Your bet will have the chance to win our equivalent jackpot amount. 🎉
  • Less than £100m: Your bet will have the chance to win our exclusive £100m* jackpot! 🎉

Alongside Mega Millions, Powerball is one of the two US lottery giants responsible for creating world record-breaking jackpots.

Place your bets on Powerball with for your chance to win one of our biggest ever pay-outs! 💰

Your Numbers

Betting on Powerball is as easy as peas - just choose your lucky numbers:
  1. Pick five Main Numbers from 1 - 69
  2. Pick one ‘Power Ball’ number from 1 - 26
Match all five Main Numbers and the Power Ball number together and you'll be winning our jackpot. 🥳

That's not all! A single bet on Powerball can hit a winning combination by matching just one number.

The History of Powerball

  • 1988: Powerball’s predecessor began, known back then as ‘Lotto America’.
  • 1992: Powerball was launched! The first draw happened on 22nd April, with jackpots starting from $2 million.
  • 2012: Powerball's minimum jackpot skyrocketed to $40 million 🚀, upping the chances for players to grab those juicy 9-figure jackpots.
  • 2015: Powerball had a few awesome tweaks to boost those potential jackpot figures even more - and to give players more chances to win them! ✔
  • 2016: Powerball made a world record jackpot - a totally jaw-dropping $1.586 BILLION. Talk about dreamy... 💭
  • 2017: Powerball celebrated 25 years - and cheers to many, many more! 🥂
  • 2020: In April, the Powerball jackpot underwent temporary adjustments a result of COVID-19 - opening now at $20 million and rolling over by a minimum of $2 million per draw!

The Draw You're Betting On

Powerball uses two jazzy turntable drum machines in every draw to mix up the balls and randomly drop out those winning numbers.

The first drum releases the five Main Number balls (1 - 69), then the second lets out one lucky red Power Ball (1 -26). The winning combination is left on the display rail - simple as that.

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You know us, we like to keep it simple. Opt to subscribe to your Powerball bet with and your numbers will never miss a prize if they come up.

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