What Is Lottery Betting?

Lottery betting means placing a bet on what you think the winning numbers of a particular lottery draw will be.

If the numbers on your bet match those drawn, you win a prize (usually a cash pay-out) from us! It's as simple as that. 💰

The best part is that we’ve carefully hand-picked the biggest lotteries from around the planet for you to bet on, giving you the chance to win incredible and record-breaking prize amounts. Kerrrr-ching! 😎

How Does It Work?

Choosing your lucky numbers works in exactly the same way as playing a traditional lottery. However, rather than buying a ticket for the draw itself, you're placing a bet on the outcome (results)!*

If the numbers on your bet match the winning numbers from the draw that you've bet on, you win. Most winnings are pay-outs equal to the cash option offered by the lottery that you’ve bet on - ranging from small tier prizes, all the way up to the mega jackpots! Some of our games offer other exclusive prize tiers and pay-outs set by us - so keep your eyes peeled! 🎉

*Unlike our other jackpots, in the UK when you confirm your numbers for EuroMillions, EuroMillions MAX, or UK Lotto MAX, we'll purchase an official entry for the draw on your behalf. ✔

What Are the Benefits?

• Through lottery betting, you get the chance to get your hands on life-changing jackpot amounts that geographical restrictions would usually put out of reach! 🌎

• We offer equivalent jackpot amounts to legendary games including US Powerball and Mega Millions, with their famous billion dollar rollovers! 💰

• Being free from official jackpot caps, we can also boost our jackpot amounts! Watch out for our 'Super Jackpot' spectaculars, where the prizes are even higher than the official lotteries. ⬆

• We give our members fantastic helpings of bonuses, discounts, promotions, free bets, and automatic syndicates (just to name a few) - which you wouldn't find offered by a traditional lottery or in the shops. 🎁

• You can choose to subscribe to your favourite games so you'll never miss a prize if your numbers come up! 📅

• Betting and playing with us is safe and secure, with winnings added automatically to your player account. 🔐

• On top of all that, being totally online, you'll never have to worry about losing a paper copy of those lucky numbers! 📱

What Happens If I Win?

If you get lucky, we'll let you know by email! You're also able to check all your results and winnings in your My Bets & Tickets area whenever you like.

Full prize breakdowns are available to view here.

Lottery betting differs from national lotteries, in which the prize pool is created by the sale of tickets. LottoGo is operated by the Annexio Group of Companies, which pays all cash prizes in full (subject to any taxes and deductions), funded through a combination of purchasing official lottery tickets and insurance.

Please note, prizes on EuroMillions and UK Lotto are funded through purchasing official lottery tickets alone.