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  • Lucky Day: Cheltenham Champions Cheer on your favourite and take home the top prize. It's a nail-biting finish, but with a little bit of luck you can outpace the rest!
  • Lucky Day: Christmas Cashcade The perfect scratch card to give casual players this Christmas. Just 50p can win a massive top prize of £50,000. Match 3 prize amounts hidden under the snowflakes and win!
  • Kings Alchemist Win Up To: £1,000
    Will you discover the winning formula? You could bag free games and sparkling cash prizes when you match 3 identical symbols!
    Odds: 1 in 5.97
  • Epic Scratch Win Up To: £100,000
    EPIC is a Multi-Game scratch card that offers prizes of up to £100,000. This multi-game card combines Match 3, Symbol Match, and Winning Numbers mechanics for 12 chances to win.
    Odds: 1 in 3.54
  • Fortune Wheel Win Up To: £250,000
    Fortune Wheel is a 13 chances scratch card that offers prizes across four games, with additional bonus prizes.
    Odds: 1 in 3.84
  • Fabulous Piggy Bank Win Up To: £10,000
    Hit the town in style and match 3 symbols for your chance to scoop the jackpot. Free rounds and cash prizes up for grabs!
    Odds: 1 in 5.97
  • Cash Vault Win Up To: £25,000
    9 games in 1! Reveal your numbers, then check the 9 vaults! If any vault contains 3 of your numbers, you win a prize.
    Odds: 1 in 4.07
  • Lucky Plunder Win Up To: £100
    Ahoy! Match 3 symbols and you could have free rounds or cash prizes in the net!
    Odds: 1 in 5.97
  • Mysterious Lamp Win Up To: £250
    Behind the puffs of smoke, 9 lucky symbols hide! Match 3 for the chance to bag free rounds or enchanting cash prizes.
    Odds: 1 in 5.97
  • Red Hot Win Up To: £10,000
    3 in 1! Match 3 symbols for a prize in game 1, find a hot chilli symbol to win in game 2, and match 3 amounts for a prize in game 3.
    Odds: 1 in 3.81
  • 100k Cash Scratchcard Win up to: £100,000
    Match 3 squares for your chance to win a jackpot of £100,000!
    Odds: 1 in 8.13
  • Millionaire Jackpot Win Up To: £100,000
    Make a wish! Discover 3 matching symbols for a prize that could leave you spellbound.
    Odds: 1 in 7.95
  • New York Win Up To: £40,000
    2 games, with 8 chances to win! Game 1: Match 3 symbols to win. Game 2: Reveal 2 numbers and if they total 10, you win!
    Odds: 1 in 2.89
  • Sky Patriots Win Up To: £3,000
    The sky’s the limit! Match 3 identical symbols and you could be soaring your way to a lofty cash prize.
    Odds: 1 in 5.97
  • Follow the Money Win Up To: £100,000
    You could be hot on the heels of a cash prize in just a scratch! Reveal 3 identical symbols to win.
    Odds: 1 in 3.24
  • Viking Crown of Destiny Win Up To: £1,000
    Will you conquer the jackpot? Match 3 symbols to win - from free rounds, to fiery cash prizes!
    Odds: 1 in 5.97
  • Raid the Piggy Bank Win up to: £2,500
    Are you in for a lucky streak? Match 3 amounts and you could be wallowing in a cash prize!
    Odds: 1 in 4.00
  • Elephant Scratchcard Win up to: £500
    Match 3 identical amounts and you'll be stomping your way to a cash prize!
    Odds: 1 in 3.60
  • Horseshoe Scratchcard Win up to: £1,000
    Find out if luck lies with the horseshoes in this 3x3 scratchcard! Match 3 amounts to win a prize.
    Odds: 1 in 3.60
  • Symbols of Luck Win Up To: £15,000
    Strike lucky with 3 matching symbols to win a prize!
    Odds: 1 in 3.32
  • Journey of Ra Win Up To: £150
    Journey back to ancient Egypt on your quest for 3 matching symbols. Legendary cash prizes could be yours!
    Odds: 1 in 5.97
  • The Two Emperors Win Up To: £500
    Could you make sparks fly? Free games and cash prizes await when you match 3 lucky symbols.
    Odds: 1 in 5.97
  • Kings of War Win Up To: £2,000
    Beastly jackpots have been unleashed! Free rounds and fierce cash prizes could be yours when you match 3 symbols.
    Odds: 1 in 5.97
  • 777 Scratchcard Win up to: £7,777
    Could the number 7 lead you to jackpot heaven? Match 3 amounts for a cash prize!
    Odds: 1 in 3.52
  • Fruity Flurry Win up to: £50,000
    Revive memories of classic slots with this scratchcard favourite. Match 3 identical symbols to win!
    Odds: 1 in 2.24
  • Lucky Day: Football Gold Win Up To: £50,000
    You could be in for a lucky match! Reveal 3 identical amounts to strike a win.
    Odds: 1 in 2.85
  • Stuffed With 100s Win up to: £100
    2 games in 1! Match 3 symbols to win a prize, then scratch again to reveal if you’ve bagged an instant win in game 2!
    Odds: 1 in 2.31
  • Summer Spike Win up to: £50,000
    Uncover your 3 winning symbols, then scratch! Match any of your 3 symbols for a prize up to a sizzling £50k!
    Odds: 1 in 2.85
  • Kitty Puzzle Win Up To: £15,000
    3 games in 1! Are your puzzle pieces in picture-perfect positions? Scratch to find out! Match all 9 positions for a top prize.
    Odds: 1 in 2.64
  • Lucky Day: Hallowin Win Up To: £50,000
    Boo! We’ve been brewing wicked prizes for this spooky special. Match 3 amounts for a prize!
    Odds: 1 in 2.85
  • Lucky Day: Eggstravaganza Win Up To: £50,000
    Reveal 3 matching amounts hidden behind the easter eggs to win a crackin’ prize!
    Odds: 1 in 2.85
  • Diamonds Win Up To: £200,000
    Diamonds is a Multi-Chance scratch card that offers 6 prizes for 2 symbol matches in each game chance.
    Odds: 1 in 3.22