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About Swedish Lotto

Swedish Lotto

You’re betting on the outcome of the Swedish Lotto draw.


Wednesday at 18:25 and Saturday at 19:55 - both at Local Time (Sweden)

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Say hello to one of Sweden’s most iconic traditions! Just when you thought you’d been treated enough with all those Eurovision pop classics and flat-pack furniture, we’re about to introduce you to the legendary Swedish Lotto.

Our Swedish Lotto jackpot can reach up to a phenomenal £10 MILLION, so place your bet now for the chance to grab one of our hottest pay-outs.

Your Numbers

Mamma Mia - it’s simple!
  1. Pick 7 Main Numbers between 1 - 35
Match all 7 Main Numbers together and you could win our jackpot! And with another fab 4 other prize divisions, you’re spoilt with opportunities to boogie off as a winner. 🕺🏽

To win the equivalent of the legendary Drömvinsten (‘Dream Win’), you must match your 7 Main Numbers from the Swedish Lotto with 2 numbers from the Extra Game. Please note that they MUST be in the correct order from left to right, or right to left, from the first or last number as those that have been drawn.

The History of Swedish Lotto

  • 1896: Lottery in Sweden can be traced alllllllll the way back to the Victorian times, and it’s still firmly etched in Scandinavian culture today! Around 70% of Swedes place their bets weekly! ✔
  • 1980: Swedish Lotto’s introduced with draws every Saturday. 🚀
  • 1989: Swedish Lotto brought in a Wednesday draw! 🎆
  • 2005: The Drömvinsten ‘Dream Win’ was introduced to boost those juicy jackpot amounts! ✨
  • 2013: Swedish Lotto’s record jackpot was smashed – SEK 237.67 MILLION! This still reigns strong. 💭

The Draw You're Betting On

The lucky numbers are revealed in Sweden twice a week. As many as 19 authorised employees at Svenska Spel are involved in the job of making sure the balls are drawn entirely fairly and randomly every time!

Odds & Prizes

Head on over to our Odds & Prizes page to see what you could win and check out all the odds! 📜

To see all our Draw Rules tap here. 👈🏽


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Swedish Lotto Results

Swedish Lotto Results