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  • What are syndicate games?

    Our syndicate games are an easy way to boost your chances of winning a share of the world’s biggest jackpots. Through placing bets or buying tickets in a group of other players, you significantly improve the odds of claiming a prize.
  • How do syndicate games work?

    Every stake you make gets you a share of each syndicate game. Your share(s) are combined with those bought by other players.

    The number of chances you’ll have to win varies from game to game, depending on the jackpot you’ve chosen. These are specified on each individual syndicate game’s page.

    If someone in your syndicate game wins, the prize is shared between all of the players in the group, and the winnings are automatically credited to your LottoGo account.
  • Can I choose my own numbers in a syndicate game?

    The numbers generated for each syndicate game are generated systematically to maximise your chances of winning. As a result, it’s not possible to choose your own numbers.
  • Can I choose who joins me in a syndicate game?

    We compile all syndicate games automatically, meaning that every bet made or ticket purchased is assigned to the next available syndicate game. As a result, it’s not possible to guarantee that your syndicate bet will be entered into the same game as friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Can I purchase more than one bet or ticket in each syndicate game?

    Yes, you can! Simply select the number of bets or tickets you’d like on the syndicate game page to increase your chances of winning a share of a cash prize.