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  • What are syndicate games?

    Simply put, syndicate games are an easy way to significantly boost your odds of winning a share of our massive jackpots.

    By placing a bet or purchasing a ticket as part of a syndicate group, you get a whopping 10 chances to bag a share of the overall group winnings.
  • How do syndicate games work?

    Each syndicate game is made up of 10 shared line bets/lines. If any of those line bets/lines wins a pay-out at any prize tier level (including the jackpot), winnings are divided out between all those that have placed a bet/purchased an entry as part of that syndicate group.

    One syndicate bet/entry is a 1/50th share in a syndicate game. For example, if the 50 shares that make up a syndicate group are divided between 50 members (with 1 syndicate bet/entry each), and the syndicate group wins £50m, then each member would win £1m.
  • Can I choose my own numbers in a syndicate game?

    The numbers generated for each MAX syndicate game are generated systematically to maximise your chances of winning. As a result, it’s not possible to choose your own numbers.
  • Can I choose who joins me in a syndicate?

    We compile all syndicate groups automatically, meaning that every bet placed/entry purchased is assigned to the next available syndicate.

    As a result, it’s not possible to guarantee that your bet/entry will be part of the same syndicate group as friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Can I have more than one share in a syndicate game?

    It’s possible! However, as we compile our syndicate groups automatically, we can't guarantee that all your bets/entries will be assigned to the same syndicate group.