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  • How does a subscription work?

    Subscribing with LottoGo is the easiest way to ensure you’re in with a chance to hit the jackpot!

    By opting in to a subscription, the numbers you’ve chosen will be valid for all future draws of your selected game. You’ll never miss a draw, never lose a ‘ticket’, and we’ll automatically renew your bet on a weekly basis using your registered payment method.

    It’s simple, convenient, and hassle-free – and, if you change your mind, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • How much will my subscription cost?

    The amount you will be charged for your subscription depends entirely on your original selection, and how many bets you’ve chosen to place.

    We’ll confirm the exact amount, along with the date on which you’ll next be charged, in an email just after your subscription has been activated. You’ll then be charged on a continuous basis every week for as long as you’d like us to keep your lucky numbers valid.
  • How do I manage or cancel my subscription?

    If you find that a subscription is no longer for you, you can cancel at any time by signing in to your account and visiting the ‘My Bets’ page.

    In the example below, you can see two separate bets:

    - The single line bet at the top of the image is not subscribed. The switch is set to ‘N’ and shown in grey. The label to the left of the switch indicates the last draw for which this bet will be valid.

    To activate a subscription for this bet and ensure the bet on the numbers selected will be placed on every draw on a continuous basis, simply tap the switch to set it to ‘Y’.

    - The single line bet at the bottom of the image is subscribed, as indicated by the switch set to ‘Y’, which is highlighted in blue, and the text label to the left of the switch.

    To cancel a subscription bet, click the switch and it will slide to the left. The date of the last draw for which your bet will be valid will then be shown.

    CAUTION: Cancelling a subscription bet means that your bet will NOT be placed on future draws on a continuous basis, which means that if those numbers come up, you will miss out.

    Each single line bet must be managed individually, so for example, if you have three EuroMillions bets that are subscribed, and you wish to unsubscribe from all of them, you’d need to repeat the process above twice.

    If you’re having difficulty managing or cancelling your subscription, please contact our Member Support team by emailing [email protected] or using the Live Chat feature on our website.
  • Can I cancel my subscription and continue placing bets on a draw-by-draw basis?

    Yes, of course. Many of our players enjoy LottoGo without a subscription. You can choose your numbers on a one-off basis for any game at any time.
  • Is there any minimum term or contract for my subscription?

    No. Subscriptions can be cancelled or reactivated whenever you like – it’s entirely up to you. There are no penalties or fees for cancellation and no minimum term applies. Unfortunately, we cannot refund bets that have already taken place.