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  • What are scratchcards?

    Our fantastic range of online scratchcards gives you a fun way to play to win cash prizes in an instant! Each scratchcard has its own distinct theme, so why not try a few to find out which is your favourite?

    Head over to our Scratchcards area now to get started! ✔
  • What are the chances of winning a prize?

    The odds of winning a prize on each of our scratchcards is indicated on each individual game as you browse through our Scratchcards area.

    You'll find more information about the prize tiers for each game on our Scratchcards Pay Tables here. 💰
  • I haven’t received the Free Scratchcards I was offered as part of a promotion. What should I do?

    Any Free Scratchcards you've claimed should appear in your Promotions area here. Alternatively, you should see free rounds by opening the relevant scratchcard directly from the Games area.

    If you had Free Scratchcards but can no longer find them to use, then it's likely that your promotion has expired. Please check the T&Cs of the promotion that you claimed to make sure. ⏰

    For any Free Scratchcards that haven’t appeared in your LottoGo account when they should have done, please contact our Member Support team for assistance. Either use the Live Chat feature on the site and tap 'Other Queries', or pop an email over to [email protected]. 👋🏽
  • Where do I go to play my scratchcards?

    Any remaining Scratchcards that you have left to play will be in the Scratchcards area here.

    If you've claimed Free Scratchcards as part of an offer, they should also be available within your Promotions area here. Please note that Scratchcards claimed through a promotion usually have an expiry date which will be specified in the T&Cs of each available promotion.
  • How much money can I win?

    Each scratchcard on our site offers a range of fantastic cash pay-outs - from smaller amounts, right the way up to seriously life-changing amounts! For details about how much you could win on each scratchcard, head over to our Scratchcards Pay Tables here. 💰

    Please note: Scratchcards that are awarded as part of a Bonus Promotion may be subject to a Maximum Win amount. You can find all the specific T&Cs that apply to your Bonus Promotion/associated Free Scratchcards in your Promotions area here. Please ensure that you're familiar with the T&Cs of each Bonus that you claim.
  • I’m having trouble playing or loading my scratchcard – what do I do?

    Uh-oh! 🙁 We're sorry to hear you're having trouble playing. Please try the following:

    1. Rotate your screen: Some games simply require you to turn your device sideways in order to start playing!
    2. Refresh your page.
    3. Clear your cache and cookies.
    4. Open LottoGo using an alternative browser: For example, try to play using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

    If you're still experiencing any issues, please get in contact and we'll do our best to get it sorted for you. Either use our Live Chat feature on the site, or email us on [email protected]. To help us investigate, let us know as much of the following information as you can:

    1. The nature of the error - what happened?
    2. The date and time that you experienced the error. ⌚
    3. The browser you used - such as Google Chrome/ Internet Explorer/ Safari. If you know the version of the browser, too, that would really help us!
    4. The device you used - such as laptop, iPhone, Android. 💻
    5. Did you do anything to attempt to resolve the error? For example, try any of the steps recommended above?
    6. If you have a screenshot of the issue, please attach it. 📸

  • What happens if I win on a scratchcard?

    If you win a prize when playing a scratchcard, you’ll be notified straight away in the game! Winnings will be directly credited to your balance. 💰

    If you can't see your Winnings added to your balance once you've close the game, just hit the 'refresh' icon beside the balance displayed at the top of your screen. 🔁

    Please note: If you're playing Free Scratchcards that were awarded to you as part of a Bonus Promotion (for example, ‘Deposit £10, and get 10 Free Scratchcards’), any Winnings accumulated by those Free Scratchcards will be credited to your Bonus Balance. You'll find all the T&Cs that apply to your Bonus Promotion/Free Scratchcards within your Promotions area here. Please ensure that you're familiar with the T&Cs of each Bonus that you claim.