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  • How do I choose my numbers?

    This is entirely up to you. If you’d like us to generate a random selection, simply hit ‘Lucky Pick’ and we’ll do the rest.
  • When are the draws?

    The featured games take place all the way through the week! More information on specific draw days and times can be found on each individual game page. In addition, we’ve put countdown timers in place to help remind you how long you’ve got left to choose your lucky numbers.
  • Where are the results published?

    Results for each draw are published as soon as they are available in a number of different places across the website. You can find these on each individual game page, the ‘Results’ page and the ‘Check My Results’ page.
  • When will I know the jackpot for the next draw?

    After the last draw has taken place, we’ll publish the next estimated jackpot for each draw as soon as possible.
  • How can I see the details of my bet or ticket?

    You can view the details of your current and previous bets and tickets, including the numbers you’ve chosen and each bet or ticket’s status, in the ‘My Games’ section of your player account.
  • How much does it cost?

    Each game varies in price. The amount you will be charged is clearly displayed both on the ‘Game’ page and ‘Checkout’ page, prior to completing your transaction.

    Powerball and Mega Millions
    When the Powerball / Mega Millions jackpot reaches $500m or above, the price per bet - in line with other lottery betting sites – increases due to increased insurance costs. See table below:

    Jackpot amount (USD) Price per bet
    Less than $500m £3 (or currency equivalent)
    $500m - $750m £6 (or currency equivalent)
    $750m - $1bn £9 (or currency equivalent)
    Over $1bn £12 (or currency equivalent)
  • Which lotteries can I win on?

    We’ve tried our best to give you a great range of international lotteries to get involved with, and all of them are different in their own way!

    You can choose from the big American games such as Powerball and Mega Millions, pick your favourites from the very best Europe has to offer - including EuroMillions and the Irish Lotto, to name just two – or take a trip down under to try your luck at the Australian jackpots, including Oz Lotto and Australian Powerball.
  • Where can I view the rules of each game?

    A summary of the rules for each game can be found on the ‘Draw Rules’ page, as well as on each individual game’s page.
  • What is a Super Jackpot?

    At LottoGo, we want to give you the biggest and best prizes. That’s why we’ve introduced the Super Jackpot - the official jackpot, multiplied!

    The Super Jackpot is a one-time-only opportunity for new members to win bigger than ever before. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, let us take the time to explain how it’s possible.

    As a lottery betting provider, the Super Jackpot is one of the many benefits available at LottoGo. Unlike traditional lotteries, we’re not restricted by the official jackpot on which our games are based – meaning we’re free to increase the jackpot and pay out a larger prize.

    One easy way to explain it is to draw a parallel with many other forms of gambling – you place a bet on a chosen outcome and, if you beat the odds, the winnings are paid out by ‘the house’, a casino or a bookmaker, for example. In the case of the Super Jackpot, LottoGo is ‘the house’ and we set the pay-out.

    Furthermore, just like a normal jackpot, a Super Jackpot can roll over, resulting in enormous Super Jackpots even bigger than the amount they started at.

    So don’t be surprised if you come across one of our jackpots that’s much larger than the official amount – it’s not a mistake, it’s a Super Jackpot!

    Any enhanced Draw Winnings shall be subject to deductions set out in clause 9.2 of the Player Terms and Conditions.
  • Where is my EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle number?

    The Millionaire Raffle Number is a feature offered by the UK National Lottery when you buy a ticket. LottoGo is not a lottery operator and is not connected to, or affiliated with, any body or organisation related to the UK National Lottery.
  • How can I win on a US lottery if I am not a US resident?

    LottoGo gives you the opportunity to get your hands on mega jackpots! By placing bets on the outcome of lotteries around the globe, rather than 'taking part' in the official lotteries, you can win the same amount as the winners of those official lotteries! This means you don't have to live in the US to be in with the chance to hit a jackpot the same size as Powerball and Mega Millions.