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  • How do I open an account with LottoGo?

    It’s easy to get started. If you don’t have an account, you’ll be prompted to register when purchasing, just after you’ve selected your games (and lucky numbers, if you’ve chosen a jackpot game) on the ‘Checkout’ page. From there, you just need to enter a few basic details to ensure that we can credit your account if you win.

    You can also register with LottoGo without placing a bet at the same time. Simply tap the ‘Login/Register’ button at the top of any page and click ‘Register for a new account’.
  • Can I open an account on behalf of my friend or family member?

    No, you are only allowed to open an account with your own name and personal details.
  • How can I access my player account?

    You can sign in to your LottoGo account by tapping the ‘Login/Register’ button at the top of the website. To sign in, you’ll need to enter your email address (or unique Member Number, which was provided to you when you first registered) and password. Unable to locate your unique Member Number? Tap ‘View My Account’, and then ‘Account Details’.
  • How do I change my password?

    To change your password, simply sign in to your LottoGo player account, tap ‘View My Account’, and then ‘Account Details’. Select ‘Change My Password’ from the menu and follow the instructions, then tap ‘Update Password’ to confirm.
  • I have forgotten my password - what do I do?

    You can reset your password by tapping the ‘Login/Register’ button at the top of the page and then clicking the ‘Reset Password’ button. We will email you (using the email address you have registered with your account) with instructions on how to sign in to your account.
  • I am under 18 years old – can I still register with LottoGo?

    All players must be at least 18 years of age (or the legal minimum age in your country of residence) to register with LottoGo. It is illegal for anyone under this age to register an account or to use our services.